DIY Recipes with Genius Juice

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DIY Recipes with Genius Juice

For a while now, we have been learning about the amazing benefits of coconuts. They can help prevent obesity, improve your heart health, reduce your cravings for sweet things and they have a number of nutritional benefits that will help you feel healthier.

It is now much easier to find coconut products, such as coconut oil, coconut meat and even coconut milk around you so the question is: why aren’t you eating more coconuts? With their mild flavor that works for people with all kinds of tastes, you will find that there is surely a recipe that you will love.

Genius Juice is a business that knows all about how juicing tends to take all the fiber, calories and good fat out of the produce, so they worked towards a solution while using not only coconut water, but also the meat in the coconut itself. This not only adds all the nutritious sides to the drink, it gives any kind of drink an amazing flavor.

You can easily pour any kind of juice (or whole fruits and vegetables) into a blender, add the coconut water and meat, and blend it together to get a delicious smoothie. It might not seem like such a simple task to accomplish if you don’t know your way around those brown balls of fiber, but don’t worry. Genius Juice has the perfect solution.

Our smoothies are precisely what you will need, containing a blend of coconut water and coconut meat. Add fruits and vegetables of your choice, top with granola or fruit, and enjoy!