Genius Launches New ‘Superfood Smoothie’ Line

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Genius Launches New ‘Superfood Smoothie’ Line

This month, Genius launches a new line of ‘Superfood Smoothies’  Due to difficulty in sourcing and manufacturing their previous ‘coconut smoothie’ line, the Genius team decided to pivot with a brand new line.

The Genius Superfood Smoothie line consists of 3 flavors: Original, Coffee, and Vanilla.  The new line has 12g protein per serving in all 3 flavors, and an organic almond milk base, versus using coconut previously.  What differentiates the Genius Smoothies is they are thicker, more filling, and chocked full of superfoods such as Maca and Quinoa, along with added protein and more meal replacement value than ever before.

The new line will be launching nationally in 4 Whole Foods regions, Natural Groers, along with several other regional chains that were carrying the previous coconut smoothie line.  The line will be retailing for $4.99 at a majority of larger retailers, and $5.49 at more regional retailers.

“The most exciting part of this launch is not only having a much more scalable product that we now can distribute more easily to meet demand, but also a price point that’s much more affordable to allow us to bring this high-end organic nutritionally dense product to the mainstream” says founder and CEO, Alex Bayer.

Please use the locator to find all stores near you that are carrying the Genius Superfood Smoothies.