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The Most Amazing Juice EVER!


I started my own coconut craze about a year ago. As a lifelong Migraine sufferer and someone who has Epilepsy, I am very aware of what I do put in my body. Coconut water has always been a great source of hydration for me and I started making my own Coconut milk and Coconut cream. It was great! Loved it but wanted more!
I had seen Genius Juice every time I would grab something else in the refrigerated aisle at Gelsons and then picked it up, read it and put it back. Halfway through the store I went back and grabbed 2. I paid for my stuff and left.
I literally opened it while walking to my car and by the time I reached my car 2 things happened. I finished the bottle, and started walking back inside the store and bought 6 more.
The first bottle was AH-mazing! I felt like a big burst of energy just caught me! The taste was so over the top that I kept thinking I found my JUICE! No more crazy juicing stores, just my Genius Juice! It's halready a smoothy! There is so much goodness in 1 bottle? There's no more room to add extra happiness! I get all of the happiness I need plus a healthy dose of potassium, Vit C, calcium and more!
Yes, I love my Genius Juice and I don't want to share it with everyone but, I will!

Your Biggest Genius Juice Lover!

Aime C.

Genius Juice Is Rocket Fuel for the Brain


My job has me working with literal rocket fuel for big things that go into space which often means many long, highly technical hours. I need my brain to function at it's best and I don't always have time to prepare the best foods to support me through my day. But thanks to Genius Juice, I can grab top quality, unprocessed foods that are not only quick and easy to consume but super healthy, packed with the Omega fatty acids that are scientifically proven to support healthy brain function. Genius Juice is exactly what I need and since I've been drinking them regularly, I've been feeling great and performing at my best. Thanks Genius Juice!

Trey C

Genuis Juice for your health!


I am not the typical juice drinker. however the moment I drank 'Genius Juice" I fell in love with it. The appearance is spectacular, fresh, clean and very much inviting. The taste is phenomenal and the energy boost I felt after drinking it was amazingly pleasant and totally suiting. It curved my appetite for sweets and my body felt nourished and happy. WHAA, I found it all in the Genius Juice. This juice is not only genius but it's also a friendly juice loving you back all the way.

If you are on the road driving to a meeting, or going on a trip, waiting for a flight to board, giving a party for your friends and family members, working at your desk, writing a book or creating a product; keep Genius Juice next to you to accompany you along your life journey. I certainly do!


Pleasantly Surprised

Bottle Line Up 16oz_3.jpg

I was referred to trying Genius Juice by a friend who said 'You gotta try this stuff!!"

I have never had a coconut milk smoothie, so it was definitely a unique experience. I found the drinks to be quite delicious and I felt all the health benefits including more energy, and just an overall state of improvement.

I highly recommend it! My favorite flavor is the Kale Coconut

John N.