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Save 10% on Genius for Every Order

People Love Us

I love all the Genius Juice flavors. It’s a real treat and all natural. The value is the health benefits and it’s delicious.


Great product! That fact that 100% of the coconut is utilized is the "genius" part of the business model!

Mike E.

The taste is wonderful and it is very filling! I initially saw it on Shark Tank!! 

Women in helmets laughing and holding Genius smoothies

What a great product – low calorie but filling. I use it as an AM meal replacement every day!

Eric S.
Multipack of Genius smoothies on a beach blanket next to sandles

These smoothies are a perfect meal replacement or just when I want to feel like I am having a treat. The vanilla cinnamon is my favorite.

Susanmarie M.

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