6 Plant-Based CPG Brands to Watch in 2022

6 Plant-Based CPG Brands to Watch in 2022

As more people switch to plant-based lifestyles, the demand for plant-based products grows. In fact, the plant-based food market in the United States experienced a growth of 29% in average dollar sales in the last two years. 

Due to the growth in our industry, we are seeing many new brands emerge. To celebrate this, we thought it would be fun to highlight some of our favorite plant-based CPG brands you should watch (and try!) in 2022. 

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Source: Olipop 


At only three years old, Olipop is here to shake things up. Olipop is a thoughtfully crafted tonic disrupting the soda industry. You may recognize them from their eye-catching colorful packaging or have heard of their many celebrity investors, including Camila Cabello, Gwyneth Paltrow, and former Pepsi CEO, Indra Nooyi. 

It’s little surprise they are dominating the functional soda category, accounting for two-thirds of the niche’s revenue. Unlike so many mainstream options on the market, Olipop is delicious and good for you. Every can is packed with ingredients backed by research that will improve your digestive health, 9 grams of fiber, and only 2-5 grams of sugar. And if that isn’t enough, Olipop comes in 7 different flavors, including Classic Root Beer, Orange Vanilla, and our favorite, Cherry Vanilla. We think it’s pretty genius! 

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Source: Vive Organic 

Vive Organic

Immunity shots are increasing in popularity and for a good reason! It’s hard to eat all the nutrients you need, but with Viva Organic Wellness Shots, you can get all the immune-boosting you need in under five seconds flat. What’s unique about Vive Organic is their team of holistic wellness doctors behind every formula, who are passionate about bringing proactive wellness to the world. Each shot is 100% organic, harvested from non-GMO farms, then cold-pressed to keep shots fresh for longer. 

Vive’s line up of fresh-pressed shots includes the Immunity Boost Original, a blend of roots, fruits, and flowers for the ultimate immune system strengthener, and Energy + Immunity which is packed with 75MG of caffeine, Lion’s Mane, and Ashwagandha to help you start alert and focused throughout your day. 

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Source: Urban Remedy 

Urban Remedy 

Neka Pasquale, the founder of Urban Remedy, developed the brand from her passion for health and healing. With her mantra in mind, “food is healing,” Urban Remedy provides ready-to-eat good for you foods. The product lineup is organic, free of dairy, gluten, and white sugar, and made without unhealthy oils. They make eating well easy! 

The ready-to-eat meal plans are created with plant-based recipes that will revitalize your body and refocus your cravings. Every single ingredient in Urban Remedy’s products is chosen for healing benefits. The product lineup includes cleanses, snacks, and even desserts. Yum!

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Source: Mush


Since 2015, Mush has been on a mission to help people maximize their potential by enabling them to feel, think, and do better. They’re leveling up breakfast with their clean, ready-to-eat oats that will give you energy on the go. The ready-to-eat oats are never cooked and soaked in almond, coconut, or oat milk to provide you with an easy-to-digest and nutrient-dense meal. Each container is dairy and gluten-free. Additionally, because the oats are not cooked, they are richer in vitamins and minerals. Mush has grown tremendously since its beginnings and is now in many national retailers, including Target, Sprouts, Safeway, and Whole Foods. Plus, they are a fellow Shark Tank alum! 

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Source: Ithaca Hummus 

Ithaca Hummus 

Ithaca Hummus is the fastest-growing hummus brand in the US. They are serving up hummus with simple, fresh ingredients, and you can taste the difference! Every container is created using a special cold process that helps maintain the true flavors of real ingredients. The flavor range started with the original Lemon Dill Hummus and has since expanded to include unique flavors like Buffalo Ranch. And it’s not just their flavors that stand out! They deeply care about the communities in which they serve. Recently, Ithaca Hummus launched the flavor Everyone Bagel, which pledges 5 cents of every pack to friends in need. The first $20,000 raised went to help Common Threads bring nutrition education programs to under-resourced families across the country, and they are just getting started!

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Source: Pop & Bottle 

Pop & Bottle 

Pop & Bottle is a women-founded company obsessed with empowering consumers one latte at a time. These pantry-friendly lattes will upgrade your caffeine fix. Each bottle is plant-based, dairy-free, with no refined sugars, gums, or emulsifiers. Their oat milk latte lineup includes the flavors Vanilla, Mocha, Matcha Classic, and Caramel. Additionally, each bottle is packed with benefits such as antioxidants, collagen, and adaptogens making your latte habit nourishing and purposeful. So next time you need a pick-me-up, reach for Pop & Bottle! 

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our top  6 plant-based CPG brands to watch in 2022. These six only scratch the surface. We predict that many brands will emerge in this exciting category in 2022. Finally, we would love to hear what you think too! Please comment below with your favorite plant-based brands. You never know. They might just make the next list! 

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