E-Commerce FAQs 


How long does it take to ship to me?

Once your order has been placed, it will be processed by our team and then shipped for delivery.  Processing times currently take up to 5 days and once shipped your delivery will arrive at your door 2 days later.

Do you ship nationwide?

YES!  We now ship nationwide to every state in the country excluding Hawaii and Alaska.  Genius for all!

Are the shipping boxes eco-friendly?

The shipping box and case boxes are made partially of recycled materials and are themselves recyclable - The green foam liner (used in our larger 24 pack boxes and soon to be used in all boxes in the next two months) is made out of corn starch & can be safely dissolved by running it under the faucet - Finally, the ice packs can be reused for keeping lunch cold or for soothing sore muscles.

What is the shelf life once it’s delivered to me via online order?

We normally ship out product with at least 2-3 weeks of shelf life, if not more, so you have time to enjoy the product you ordered without worrying about any of them expiring

General Product FAQs

What is a Genius Coconut Smoothie?

A coconut smoothie is the whole inside of the coconut blended, meaning we take the coconut water and the coconut meat and blend them together as the base. Our flavored coconut smoothies have additional ingredients added in the smoothie

Is Genius Pasteurized? Or is it raw?

Yes, our product is flash pasteurized.  The thermal process we use is much gentler than standard pasteurization which allows our customers to get the most benefits from our coconut smoothies 

Does the product need to be refrigerated at all times 

Yes, this product should ALWAYS be refrigerated at 40 F or below so there isn’t temperature abuse  

Can I freeze the product?

Yes, the product is safe to freeze although by freezing and thawing, it may change the taste and texture of our smoothies. It would be advisable to consume our product by the expiration date regardless of whether you freeze it or not. 

Does your product contain any gluten, dairy, soy?

No, none of these. Our products are gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan certified 

Do you add any sugars, emulsifiers/gums, concentrated sweeteners
(stevia / monk fruit?)

We do not add any of these

Is your product safe for pregnant women?

The product is pasteurized so they are not raw. We do recommend that pregnant women consult their doctor first before consuming

How long does the product last once opened?

Because there are no preservatives, we highly recommend to consume our product within 24 hours after opening.

Is there any caffeine in your products?

Our only flavor that has caffeine is the Mocha Coconut Smoothie, which has 6mg, which is a very low amount of caffeine in each bottle.

Eco-Centric and Sustainability FAQs

Why plastic instead of glass?

To avoid any issues during shipping (broken glass, pieces of glass) we utilize BPA free plastic bottles. This is for consumer safety and having a safe product when it arrives at the stores or at your door.

Are your boxes and shipping foam eco-friendly and sustainable materials?

As a matter of fact, yes! The shipping boxes are made with partially recyclable materials. The foam liner, which keeps the product insulated and in temperature for shipping, is made from cornstarch and can be fully dissolved with just water! The ice packs, although not recyclable, can be re-used in the household. 

Is Genius mission-driven?

Yes! We up-cycle the coconut husks/shells after extracting the coconut water and coconut meat. The husks are then converted to alternative/renewable energy to power local cities in Thailand.

Issues / Complaints FAQs

My package has not arrived?

Upon ordering, you should receive an email with your tracking information once the package is shipped. If there is an issue with delivery, please contact
hello@geniusjuice.com and we will respond within 24 hours 

There is an issue with my order. What should I do?

Please get in touch with hello@geniusjuice.com and we will do what we can to correct this!

What is your return policy?

Due to the perishability and sensitivity of our product, we cannot accept returns of product or do any exchanges. If you received an incorrect order, or damaged/defective product, please get in touch with us  at hello@geniusjuice.com and we will remedy the issue and make it right.