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why genius

the sourcing

We get organic coconut water and organic coconut meat STRAIGHT from the source in Thailand, specifically the Ratchaburi province.

The Thai coconut is heavily regarded as one of the highest quality and best tasting coconuts in the world. We live by the 'farm to bottle' philosophy where our product is bottled within hours after being harvested.

whole coconut

What makes us 'Genius' is the use of real coconut water and coconut meat. We have whole coconut in every single bottle!

What does that mean for you? A richer, creamier, filling smoothie. Great as an 'on-the-go' snack. Each bottle is packed with good fats from the coconut meat, along with the protein and fiber that is missing from coconut water.

our mission

We are a 'zero waste' company. We incorporate both essential elements of the coconut, the coconut water and coconut meat. We work directly with coconut farmers and groves in Thailand. We also help local farmers become organic certified.

We are on a mission to bring the healthiest, most nutritionally complete coconut drink to the market for everyone to enjoy.